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Złote Dęby Hotel has a pleasure to offer you organisation of wedding receptions in air-conditioned rooms ready to receive 160 guests. Rich decor, wide range of exquisite dishes, experience of our staff and professional sound system will let you fully enjoy this special day of your dreams.

Every wedding reception will be prepared in accordance with your request. We offer assistance with the selection of musical setting, flower decoration and means of transport for the Newlyweds and Guests. We cooperate as well with a professional photographer and a film crew. Furthermore, at the wedding reception night all Newlyweds will have at their disposal an apartment for free. We offer attractive prices for overnight stay for wedding Guests.

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Wesele w Warszawie
Stylowy bankiet
Przyjęcie weselne w Warszawie
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Sala taneczna
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Sala balowa
Bankiet w Warszawie
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Bal weselny w Warszawie
Sala balowa w Warszawie
Impreza weselna
Sala weselna
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Sala LED
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Sala LED w Warszawie
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Oświetlenie LED na weselu
Kameralna sala balowa
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Kameralna sala w Warszawie
Przyjęcie w Warszawie
Sala balowa ze światłem LED
Tradycyjne wesele
Stylowe przyjęcie
Spotkanie rodzinne
Lokal weselny
Lokal na wesele
Hotel na wesele
Sala taneczna w Warszawie
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Kameralne wesele
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Nowoczesne wesele w Warszawie
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Stylowe wesele w Warszawie
Stylowy bankiet w Warszawie
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